10 Tips to Get Out the Door in 5 Minutes or Less10 Tips to Get Out the Door in 5 Minutes or Less

In today’s busy world, we all have somewhere to be five minutes ago. Some of us, however, take some time to get out the door. Whether you like to get going fast or you have a tendency to wake up late, here are some tips to get out the door in five minutes.

  1. Throw on a dress – The fastest outfit you can throw on is a dress. It’s one piece with not matching necessary, other than your shoes or jewelry. If you hung it up properly, it won’t need ironing. This is a great way to gain time too if you’re late so you can spend more time on makeup and hair.
  2. Choose your outfit the night before – If dresses aren’t your thing, spend your mirror time the night before. Lay everything out neatly so you can pop it on in the morning.
  3. Go with the simple bun – With five minutes on the clock, there’s no time to do your hair. Pull your hair back, flatten it out, spray it down and you’re out the door. It’s elegant, but simple.
  4. Load the car the night before – If you have a lot going on, load everything up in the car the day before so nothing is forgotten in your haste. This includes your work bag, school bag, projects, and anything you’ll need for the day.
  5. Multi-task wherever you can – Brush your teeth while you make coffee. Comb your hair while you select an outfit. Pick out shoes while the shower gets hot. You need to find little ways to keep your hands busy and completing your out-the-door tasks.
  6. Skip breakfast – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but if your goal is to leave in five minutes, you’ll have to wait until lunch. However, if you can prepare something the night before or choose something you can take with you, that’s a better option.
  7. Start the car before you dress – If you live in a cold place, the first thing you should do in the morning is start your car. This will get the engine and interior warm, but also put a clock over your heard so you don’t dilly-dally.
  8. Bring your makeup to-go – If you take a while to do your makeup, toss it in your bag and do it on your commute or when you arrive. Most people won’t be upset if you pop into the bathroom real quick after you get to work, school or your social event.
  9. Don’t skip the moisturizer – If you don’t have time to do anything else with your face, make sure you moisturize. It will add some color and life to your skin so you look awake instead of tired.
  10. Go with basic makeup – Skip the full face and use the tools that will give you the most bang for the buck. Mascara is quick and will make your eyes look great since that’s where most people look. Lip gloss will perk up your face and give you that put-together look.

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