12 Ways to Get the Best Shopping Deals

No matter our income level, it’s always nice to pay less. We can never have too much clothing and jewelry, so spending less means we can buy more! Here are some tips to save money and find the best deals while shopping.

1. Ask for a lower price

This tip is simple but many people are too timid to try it. If something is too much, just ask if a reduced price is possible. This doesn’t work often in larger chain stores, but specialty stores (where you very well could be speaking to the owner) are often willing to negotiate to make the sale.

2. Borrow it first!

Let’s say you notice your sister’s awesome new pumps. You could drop the $150 for them today or borrow them from her for an evening. This gives you an opportunity to “test drive” the item before you buy. If you hate them, you saved some money. If you loved them, you’ll feel confident about the purchase.

3. Time your purchases

Before you make a big purchase (whether it’s a $300 leather jacket or your husband’s $1500 lawn mower), ask someone at the store about any upcoming promotions or sales. You might be able to save a few bucks while waiting a couple weeks.

4. Expand your shopping areas

To get the best deals, sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone and look around. Try out some local specialty boutiques and smaller websites. If you just love the mall, try driving to a different one.

5. Buy in bulk

This tip doesn’t really make sense for clothing, which wears out irregularly and fashions change, but it works for items you purchase habitually like a particular brand of gum or cases of bottled water. You just have to think ahead about your purchases.

6. Compare prices on-the-go

Use an app like RedLaser or Shop Savvy to scan bar codes in the store and compare prices. If you find a better price down the street or online, it might be worth shopping elsewhere.

7. Seniors often pay less

If you’ve made it in the senior citizen territory, many stores (including big department stores like Belk, Ross and Kohl’s) give flat discounts to seniors. Mention your seniority wherever you go, you never know where a discount exists.

8. Don’t discount the thrift store

Thrift stores get a bad rap, but a lot of times they have some nice items that are clean and perfectly wearable. You might have to sort through the junk, but that’s part of the fun!

9. Google for coupons

Before you buy anything online, do a quick search for available coupons. Websites have promotions all the time, you just might not be aware of it. For example, a store might give out a coupon on its Facebook page that you haven’t liked, so you wouldn’t know. But that coupon code is still up for grabs!

10. Ask about promotions

Without being pushy, ask an associate at the store if there are any promotions going on. There might be a special sale on a particular type of perfume, for example, that you don’t notice until you’ve already purchased the full-priced brand.

11. Check out post-holiday bargains

After big shopping holidays, stores are anxious to shed their leftover inventory. You’ll find all sorts of awesome grabs in some of the bargain bins. Some of it might be a bit outdated for the season, but you never know.

12. Investigate free shipping deals

Many websites offer free shipping if you spend a certain amount of money. Investigate this number before you click buy. Sometimes it’s cheaper to get another item to push you over the free shipping threshold.

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