4 Makeup Looks that Match Your Jewelry

Makeup can be an art form that says a whole lot about you if you allow it. We’re accessories people and we believe jewelry is another area to be equally expressive when it comes to your appearance. We’ve scouted out some beautiful makeup looks and paired them with jewelry that mirrors the beauty vibes in your makeup.

1. Royal Gold and Purple Eyeshadow

4 Makeup Looks to Match Your Jewelry Jinja Necklace

Jinja Necklace

This look graduates from a rosy purple into a champagne gold. We think this is perfect for a night out. Loud eye makeup has taken a backseat in recent months, but this look bridges the gap between “wow” and “subtly.” We love the idea of partnering this looking with our coffee colored shell beads with mahogany mother of pearl. The peaks of sterling silver in the pendant perfectly compliment the subtle shimmer in this eye shadow look.

2. Midnight Aqua-Green Shimmer

Midnight Aqua-Green Shimmer Jinja Bangle

Makeup Source: PrettyDesigns.com | Jinja Bangle

Offset with a dark outfit, pairing this Jinja bangle with the iridescent makeup pictured above look is a great idea. The bangle highlights the subtle teals in your eye makeup so you don’t need to use bright overstated eyeshadow colors. This is truly a class-A balancing act!

3. Pink Nude Lips

Pink Nude Lips Jinja Necklace

Source: GalleryWeddings.com | Jinja Necklace

We love what nude color lipsticks do for your entire appearance, so we had to include this coveted makeup look in our list. Looking effortlessly finished is the name of the game when it comes to nude lips. This leave room for your jewelry to follow suit in the subtly or be as funky as you want it to be. The muted beauty of a nude lip doesn’t compete with your jewelry. We love pairing pinks with sterling silver to compliment the cool factor. This linked chain necklace in 100% sterling silver is the perfect compliment.

4. Marilyn Monroe Red Lips

Marilyn Monroe Red Lips Jinja Ring

Source: BeautyTipsandTricks.com | Jinja Ring

If you are unafraid of the wonder that is bright red lip, our hat goes off to you. Red lips are not for the faint of heart, but they can have such an amazing impact on your entire look. If you are no stranger to makeup you know that loud lips usually call for softer eye makeup and vice versa. But jewelry is a different story. Like nude lips you can keep it simple and classic or you can bring your bombshell tendencies with you to the accessories department. This Jinja ring adds another pop of drama that ties in your whole look.

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