Summer is steadily approaching and it’s time to whip out our favorite summer dresses. There’s virtually a perfect dress for just about any summertime activity. We’ve listed our top 5 go to dresses for your summer closet!

1. The Denim Dress

The Denim Dress

Denim jeans have been the most reliable fashion piece for years for its dynamic and effortless approach to fashion. Yet, it’s still hard to believe all over denim has made such a major comeback. With denim skirts, denim tops and denim jumpers on trend, it’s no surprise the denim dress makes this list. Adding an unexpected dungaree flare to your outfit is the perfect way to look casually chic this summer.

Nordstrom – $88

2. Shift Dress

Shift dress

If you are unhip to the perfection that is the summer long sleeve shift dress, you’re in luck. Dresses have embraced the more forgiving silhouette of the shift dress. No matter the body type, anyone can pull off this timeless relaxed look. Shift dresses are much more versatile than your typical bodycon dress. Its boxy yet feminine shape is appropriate for casual outings and even professional meetings.

Nordstrom – $138.99

3. White Dress

White Dress

White dresses aren’t just for brides you know. The impact all white ensembles have had on fashion is undeniable. Wearing all white from head to toe instantly puts you in a realm of fashion godliness; perfect for the summer months. This clean look works perfectly for countless occasions.

Maykool – $20.99

4. Shirt Dress

Shirt Dress

Before the shirt dress was a thing, any savvy fashionista knew to hit the men’s section on the way out to score this relaxed silhouette. Shirt dresses take genderless approach to summer. It works for all body types just like the shift dress, but it’s even more casual for summer activities.  Today you can certainly find shirt dresses and tunics in store with built in belts, but if you want the real deal, buy a mens shirt and cinch it in with a great belt!

Topshop – $70

5. Maxi Dress

Maxi Dress

No summer dress list would be complete without an ode to the beloved maxi. I can’t think of any summer moment where a maxi dress isn’t appropriate. From weddings, to errands the maxi dress has you covered.

LOFT – $79.50

What’s your favorite summertime dress? Show us a picture of you sporting a summer dress and your Jinja Jewelry!

handmade jewelryWritten by Elaine Helmig, Co-Founder of Jinja Jewelry

Elaine has traveled far from her beginnings in the aviation industry with a background in engineering.  Her eye for beauty and natural symmetry led her to partner with artist Australian Joy Daniels. The two of them have joined forces to build a Jinja Team with a creative flair for beautiful fashion jewelry. The results have been truly extraordinary as the handmade jewelry has found a following with an international clientele as diverse as the jewelry itself.  Jinja Jewelry is slowly becoming a fashion statement and is treasured for its simply beautiful coral and elegant silver designs.

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