Four countries, three continents, thousands of miles apart and yet love still conquers.  Jinja Jewelry’s motto of People Helping People has assisted with improving the lives of children in Bali and in Africa.  We have not done it alone.  Allocacoc, a Dutch industrial design company, teamed with Jinja Jewelry and The Ginantri Foundation to run a special European promotion while donating a portion of sales proceeds to the children of Bali.  The successful PowerCube promotion ran from November 2017 through the end of January 2018.  We will forever be grateful to Allocacoc for their generous commitment to worthy charities supporting Komang Merry’s efforts to better the lives of Balinese children.  Please visit as well as Yayasan Ginantri on Facebook to learn more.

Meanwhile, Jinja Jewelry is proud to also be a sustaining member of Heather Teague’s mission to bring medical care, education, and God’s Word to the children, widows, and the eldery of Uganda.  You can read about her dedicated and noble efforts at as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

There are many worthwhile efforts led by numerous unsung heroes who see wrongs and try to right them.  When dedicated people selflessly give of themselves to advance a child’s life they invest in the Future of Humanity.  It is times like this that good overcomes evil by reaffirming how people from all walks of life without regard for race, religion, or politics can make a difference one child at a time.

One Child One Future.