Green Glass Twist Bracelet


Vibrant green glass and stainless steel twist bracelet with hints of white agate, white coral, and rhodium beads.

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Green Glass Twist Bracelet

This green glass twist bracelet has been intricately hand-crafted to form a warm and vibrant, stainless steel bracelet. The rich green hue is complimented with hints of white coral, white agate and rhodium beads to give the overall design an elegant feel.  Perfect for a sophisticated afternoon or stroll on the beach, this stainless steel piece offers diversity with every style. Not only is high quality a priority during its making, the mixing of Balinese and Western accents can also be seen in the artistry work. Our mission is to bring the mystic essence of Bali to our home here a Myrtle Beach, SC through the art of jewelry.

Jinja’s premier jewelry line not only portrays high quality craftsmanship, it is also a statement of love, friendship, and the blossoming of hope amidst tragedy. Ever since the bombings struck Bali in 2002, Jinja Jewelry has found its purpose. 13 Balinese families, who we hold dear to our heart, have found a  reliable income and way of life through Jinja Jewelry. These families continue to serve as the motivation and inspiration behind Jinja’s impact on the fashion world.