Jinja Jewelry Spotlight- Elizabeth Batson Designs

We recently visited our friend Elizabeth Batson at the Harvest Commons store in Pawley’s Island, South Carolina that is now selling Jinja Jewelry! Elizabeth also sells flax clothing, vintage dresses, menswear, and a collection of bright and colorful accessories for women.

Designer Elizabeth Batson grew up in Greenville, South Carolina with a penchant for fashion, inspired by her mom and sisters. She always dreamt of having her own clothing line and after opening a successful little shop called “The Uptown Downtown,” Elizabeth started Elizabeth Batson Designs selling clothes with a nod to the past with their femininity, quality, and attention to detail. Elizabeth hopes her line of clothing will spread her ideals of Hope, Peace, Love, Health, Happiness, Harmony, and Prosperity to others.

Take a look at our exclusive photo shoot with Elizabeth Batson featuring Jinja Jewelry and you’ll see why…Jinja Jewelry Spotlights Elizabeth Batson Designs!

Jinja Jewelry Spotlights Elizabeth Batson Designs