Jinja Jewelry is much like the mythical Phoenix which rose from the ashes. Jinja came into being in the aftermath of the disastrous and tragic bombings in Bali in 2002. Jinja, then and now, provides income for the Balinese people who lost their jobs due to the sharp decline in tourism. What started out locally has now grown into an international business that  spans the globe. We are proud to announce that Jinja products now support many families, providing a safe and secure future in Bali.

Jinja’s motto is “People Helping People”, and in living up to this principle, we have proudly provided financial and educational support for young Putu. Our mission is all about continuing our efforts to help improve the lives of the Balinese people. We, at Jinja Jewelry, although not a nonprofit entity, find meaning in providing aid and comfort to a crying child. When a child cries the whole Earth should hear that cry. There is reward in giving. Here, at Jinja Jewelry, we find our reward in the beauty of a child’s smile as it reaffirms our own humanity. For, in the end, why else are we here?




Since Jinja’s motto is “People Helping People,” we were one of the many proud sponsors of the Siyakhula Preschool in KwaMakhutha Township, Durban, South Af­rica. As of this date there are 58 children who enjoy having a real school to attend.  Our efforts included providing funds to not only build the school but also furniture and classroom supplies.






Jinja Jewelry also supports a courageous young woman, Heather Teague, who has felt the “Call to Serve” in Uganda working with orphans.Her website is www.hisheartforafrica.com.  Please visit her website to learn who she is and why she does such wonderful work providing aid, comfort, and love to children in need.  Please also visit, like and share His Heart For Africa on Facebook.



Currently, Jinja Jewelry is also supporting a new “Call to Action” in support of a children’s school in Petak, Bali, Indonesia.  Our efforts to date include cash donations and building a website and social media presence to promote awareness.  The website is www.Ginantri.org and is now online.  Much is still needed to finish the construction and equip the school to make it truly functional.  Started seven years ago, it has survived to date based in large measure on the inspirational efforts of Ni Nyoman Mariati and a small group of dedicated volunteers.  Please also visit, like and share Ginantri Yayasan on Facebook.