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Coral and Silver Jewelry

Coral and Silver JewelryCoral and Silver Jewelry are the heart of the Jinja Jewelry brand. The origin of the Jinja name comes from the Japanese Shinto word for shrine. We believe Jinja showcases both beauty and creativity in jewelry. As such, Jinja draws inspiration for beautiful, high quality, handmade coral and silver jewelry from local and global trends in affordable jewelry and accessories. The best ideas are carefully crafted into an eclectic line of jewelry using local beach coral for necklaces, bracelets, and rings with silver, rhodium, and semiprecious stones for your personal enjoyment.

Although there are many types of coral beads on the market, the round and square flat Jinja coral beads we use in our designer creations are exclusive to Jinja.

Manmade corals are very common nowadays and you will find a lot of red coral pieces in the marketplace being sold as real coral when it is not.  However, the coral Jinja uses are washed up on the beaches in Java and are not taken from the reefs. We get 2 different textures to the coral, one texture gives the small lined texture, and the other gives a flower texture.  These small pieces are very porous like a sponge coral, so it readily takes the dye allowing us to imitate more expensive natural corals.

Each piece of beautiful Jinja Coral and SilverJewelry is lovingly hand crafted through a difficult and time-consuming process for your wearing pleasure. Choosing Jinja Jewelry allows the company to continue to give back to the people of Bali and continue the tradition of craftsmanship that has been handed down from generation to generation.

Jinja Jewelry offers the broadest selection of Coral and Silver Jewelry available, and most items are in stock and can be shipped right away. We hope you enjoy your vist to our site, return often and tell your friends what you’ve learned about our products!

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