A Grandmother and Granddaughter’s Matching Rings

Sometimes the definition of love can be found in the simplest of places. Perhaps this place is in the split second where a genuine smile brightens the passing eyes that need it. There are other moments, such as a child’s innocent laughter or helping hand, that tell the secret of love’s many faces. Wherever someone is, regardless of age, race, or differences, compassion forever bonds us all.

Whether it is best friends, old lovers, or moms with their daughters, we are all trying to find daily reminders of the relationship we hold with one another. His and Her rings. Best friend bracelets. Matching jewelry. The Jinja Team had no idea that we would contribute to this idea of helping others remind themselves of the love they share. A loving friend and Jinja customer recently purchased two of our sterling silver coral rings. Our team later received a picture of a set of hands sporting the jewelry; one big and one small. We knew, in this moment, that the same passion and dedication that we put into each of our handmade pieces helps foster this reminder of love that can be seen through a grandmother and her granddaughter’s new matching rings.