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Jinja Jewelry Mission

Jinja Gives Back - Jinja Jewelry MissionOur Jinja Gives Back – Jinja Jewelry mission is much like the mythical Phoenix which rose from the ashes. Jinja came into being in the aftermath of the disastrous and tragic bombings in Bali in 2002.  Jinja, then and now, provides income for the Balinese people who lost their jobs due to the sharp decline in tourism.  What started out locally has now grown into an international business that spans the globe.  We are proud to announce that Jinja products now support many families, providing a safe and secure future for the people of Bali.

Through Jinja, we have also been able to help Joy Daniels with supporting a young man  named Putu, who  attends a wonderful school in Bali – a luxury not available to all Balinese children. Putu is the son of Nyoman, one of the original Jinja family members, and through Joy’s dedication and sacrifice, along with the efforts of the  Jinja Family,  he is able to receive an exemplary education.

Jinja’s motto is “People Helping People”, and in living up to this principle, we have proudly aided both Joy and Putu with   financial and educational support.  Our mission is all about continuing our efforts to help improve the lives of the Balinese people.  Jinja Jewelry is also one of the proud sponsors of the Ginantri Foundation as well as providing assistance to a young missionary’s efforts viewable at 

By supporting Jinja Jewelry, you’re helping our Jinja Gives Back mission. We look forward to growing our Jinja Family together .