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That’s Jinja Jewelry’s Motto as we aim to give
back to the beautiful and gentle
People of Bali

Coral and Silver Jewelry

Jinja draws inspiration for beautiful, high quality, handmade coral and silver jewelry from local and global trends in affordable jewelry and accessories.  The best ideas are carefully crafted into an eclectic line of jewelry using local beach coral for necklaces, bracelets, and rings with silver, rhodium, and semiprecious stones for your personal enjoyment.

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Handmade in Bali

Jinja production and export are managed by a special group of our Balinese friends who make up the Jinja family – all highly skilled artisans who, under the influential eye of Joy Daniels, carefully hand make each unique piece of jewelry. The end result is beautiful, handmade jewelry, a brighter future for the Balinese, and great joy for our customers around the world.

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Jinja Gives Back

Jinja Jewelry comes from a desire to provide a better future to the beautiful and dedicated Balinese people. Jinja provides income for the Balinese people who lost their jobs due to a sharp decline in tourism. We are proud to announce that our products support many of these families, providing a safe and secure future for the people of Bali.
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Jinja necklaces come in a variety of styles, from short necklaces to long, and each features assorted beads and stones to coordinate with any look.


Jinja Pendant-Sterling Silver Blue CoralEach Jinja pendant is designed to wear on a sterling silver chain to dress up your outfit. These beautiful pendants come in many unique shapes, styles, and materials.


handmade-braceletOur signature twist cuff bracelets are made from stainless steel tubes and decorated with glass, stone, coral, and rhodium beads.


Aqua and White Nautilus Shell EarringsJinja earrings come in a multitude of styles with designs ranging from tiny, elegant cone-shaped earrings to silver hoops to long, multi-layer teardrop earrings.


Unisex Sterling Silver Turquoise RingJinja cocktail rings are larger than life and the perfect conversation starter at your next dinner party. They come in pearl, gemstone, coral and sterling silver styles.

Elegance in Silver

Jinja Pendant-Sterling Silver Blue CoralAll sterling silver Jinja Jewelry is intricately designed and made of the highest quality silver. Choose from necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and pendants.

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