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Handmade In Bali

Handmade In BaliThe story of Jinja is one of people united in friendship, love, and a blending of unique cultures that transcend the obstacles of time and distance. World travellers Don and Elaine Helmig forged a friendship through the years with the gentle Balinese people and shared their mutual love of the beautiful island of Bali with Australian born Joy Daniels.  This association founded on friendship and on a mutual respect for Asian cultures has now grown into a profitable business.

Jinja is the result of the collaborative genius of Elaine and Joy where Elaine is the heart and Joy is the soul of Jinja. Elaine works her magic offering selected customers around the world fantastic collections of unique Jinja Jewelry while staying sensitive to changes in fashion & keeping Joy in the loop with valuable insight on current jewelry trends, designs, and ideas. It is a perfect fit of talent and creativity and the beautiful results are readily apparent in the unique creations.

Jinja production and export are managed by a special group of our Balinese friends who make up the Jinja family – all highly skilled artisans who, under the influential eye of Joy, carefully hand make each unique piece of jewelry. Jinja Jewelry truly is Handmade In Bali. While traveling the world has been Elaine’s pastime, Joy’s home for the past 20 years has been the beautiful island of Bali where she is currently employed at Bali Bintang Property. In her spare time Joy enjoys designing unique pieces of Jinja Jewelry as well as mentoring her friends – the Balinese Jinja Team – in creating new jewelry designs. As evidenced on this website, the end result is beautiful, handmade jewelry, a brighter future for the Balinese, and great joy for our customers, around the world.