2017 Hottest Fashion Trend: Jinja Twist Bracelets


# 1:  If it is not turning you into an accessory goddess, then it is simply not worth it. Rule #1 is the golden foundation when judging each and every fashion statement on the market. Jinja Jewelry’s twist bracelets dominate the beauty world with vibrant color schemes and elegant, trendy designs. These stainless steel pieces of jewelry feature a premier array of hues and tones, including turquoise, fossil agate, deep burgundy, and many more. Each and every bracelet is handcrafted with a carefully chosen arrangement of color and style. If one thing is certain, the opportunity to match any adoring outfit with this unique Jinja design is a rare gem amidst the embellishment industry.


#2:  Efficiency.  As we all know, most of us are fortunate to possess a usual occupancy of two wrists. However, many manufacturers of such jewelry forget that those certain joints do, in fact, come in a variety of sizes. We’ve all experienced that one bracelet that was too painful to ignore, but also too big or too small. Here’s the thing: there is absolutely no need to worry/think/measure, because the Jinja Team has released a vogue-worthy bracelet that fits to any size it is placed upon!  Need I say more? Well, actually, I must. Not only are Jinja Jewelry’s twist bracelets ideal for all wrist sizes, a wrist alone is even unnecessary! Who would have guessed? This fashion piece can be wrapped around upper arms, forearms, and where most creativity strikes.  With all things said, by the sheer amount of accessibility at a cost that is both consumer friendly and beaming with style, these twist bracelets are inevitably the hottest trend on the market.


#3: Originality.  To create is one thing. However, to create out of the notion of one’s soul creative freedom and innovation is another. Here at Jinja we prize the mind of enterprising visionaries and originalists. Through our passion for jewelry and coastal lifestyle, we have introduced a one-of-a-kind spin on modern-day accessories. Handpicked from the coasts of Java, Indonesia, broken off pieces of coral are recycled, polished, and painted to later form premier statements of fashion. Our unique coral process can be found in every corner of Jinja Jewelry, and is exemplified beautifully in our twist bracelet collection.

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