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Driven by fair-trade ethics, drawing inspiration from local and global trends, Jinja offers an eclectic collection of unique, handmade designer fashion jewelry and sterling silver jewelry.

Jinja, then and now, provides income for the Balinese people who lost their jobs due to the sharp decline in tourism.

What started out locally has now grown into an international business that spans the globe. We are proud to announce that Jinja products now support many families providing a safe and secure future for the people of Bali.

Jinja is the result of the collaborative genius of Elaine Helmig and Joy Daniels. Elaine works her magic offering selected customers fantastic collections of unique Jinja Jewelry while staying sensitive to changes in fashion trends & keeping Joy in the loop with valuable insight on current jewelry fashion trends, designs & ideas.

Jinja production and export are managed by a special group of our Balinese friends who make up the Jinja family – all highly skilled artisans who, under the influential eye of Australian born Joy Daniels, carefully hand make each unique piece of jewelry.

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The Jinja Story

When world travelers Don and Elaine Helmig first visited Bali, they learned how so many were without work and means to live after the 2002 bombings. They fell in love with the beautiful island and the kind people, so they created Jinja Jewelry with a mission of “People Helping People.” Their goal is to provide jobs to Balinese artisans and pay for the schooling of a young Balinese boy named Putu.

Jinja draws inspiration for beautiful, high quality, handmade coral and silver jewelry from local and global trends in affordable jewelry and accessories.

The best ideas are carefully crafted into an eclectic line of jewelry using local Bali beach coral for necklaces, bracelets, and rings with silver, rhodium, and semiprecious stones.

What started out locally has now grown into an international business! The Jinja family looks forward to continuing their efforts to help improve the lives of the wonderful Balinese people and spread a message of light through women of Jinja across the globe.

What Makes Jinja Unique

When you wear Jinja Jewelry, you are making a statement far beyond fashion. You show the world that you are a woman with a purpose, a woman not afraid to dream, and a woman who seeks to make a difference.

Jinja Jewelry is beautifully hand-made. Each piece is unique just like the “Women of Jinja” – our beloved fans. Jinja unites women – no matter her age, look or race – and symbolizes the power of people helping people.

As soon as you put on your Jinja Jewelry, you are opened up to a new world of confidence, radiance and positive light. Join the illuminating path of positivity through Jinja Jewelry today!

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High Resolution Images

Product Images

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Lifestyle Images – Women of Jinja

“Women of Jinja” are the amazing, confident women who wear our jewelry; women with a purpose who lead an illuminating path to make a difference.


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Our Bali Family

Jinja is like a big extended family and we cherish our Bali artisans who hand-make each piece of jewelry with love.

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