The Be1auty of the Beach

To many past generations, it was considered to be the ends of the earth. The salt-filled breeze. The cool grains of sand. The consistent sound of rolling waves in the background. To generations today, the beach is still celebrated for the nature of its mystic deviance. It is the one place where the elements of land and water finally come together in motion. Whether it be the east coast or west, your shore or ours, the enchanting feel of the beach remains constant across the globe.  As we hand-pick each beached piece of coral off the shorelines of Java, Indonesia, we are reminded of this very concept. Despite the many worldly things that divide humanity, it is love, friendship, and a whole, whole lot of joys by the ocean that bring us together. The coral pieces are sculpted and assembled to form designer jewelry that not only reflects beauty, but also the many keepsakes associated with the beach.  Our Balinese-inspired designs are topped with a western twist as we bring the vibrant essence of Bali’s coast to our home here at Myrtle Beach, SC.

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