Fa-la-lala. Christmas is here….and guess what? So are we!christmas jewelry jinja

Our Christmas collection is climbing straight up the tree this season! Get it? The Jinja team has master-minded a mixture of elegance and innovation into this year’s top-of-the-line holiday trends.

We’re kicking off our first Christmas collection with a classy mother-of-pearl set of earrings that go far beyond expectations. These hand-crafted shell earrings have been detailed with
intricate, sterling silver artistry work. Each twist and turn of the sterling silver design was carefully placed by one of Bali’s most talented silversmiths, as well as a close friend of ours. Not only do we consider this a fashion statement all on its own, this mother-of-pearl set is perfect for throwing an eloquent splash of style into any outfit. You can find these earrings here.

Crafted from recycled coral off the beaches of Java, Indonesia, our next necklace is certainly one you want to hear about. Our coral designs are delicately placed in a sterling silver base after going through Jinja’s unique process of transforming beached coral into designer pieces of jewelry. Who else can say they’re wearing both Christmas colors and the very essence of the beach itself? You can find this necklace here.

Stay tuned for more seasonal specials through our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest as we dive into the holiday festivities right along with you.