Do’s and Don’ts of Beach Jewelry Do’s and Don’ts of Beach Jewelry

With warm weather and summer quickly approaching, the beach is becoming the destination of the season. Whether you are traveling to the beach with friends and family to swim or just to be a boardwalk bum, you’ll want to look great in photos. In addition to the perfect swimsuit, your accessories can set the tone for a complete beach look. Here are a few dos and don’ts to consider before picking out your jewelry.

DON’T wear a rope metal chain 

Avoid traditional metals when selecting your beach necklace. These materials have the tendency to heat you up in a bad way under the sun. Large metal chains also don’t perform well underwater. If you intend to take a dip in the ocean, you run a huge risk of losing your rope necklace. If you absolutely must rock neck jewelry, choose styles that are closer to collar and princess styles styles to keep them from floating away.

DON’T wear fake gold and silver.

Cosmic jewelry is undeniably cute but NOT a good idea for beach time. Chances are you will be lying out in the sun catching a tan on the beach side and unfortunately, faux gold and silver doesn’t respond well to loads of sun rays. Your faux trinkets are likely to turn funky colors in the heat. Avoid the risk of ruining your jewelry and opt for more durable materials like sterling silver.

DON’T wear rings

Rings are a staple in every jewelry lovers’ collection. Sadly, finger candy is likely to get lost in the sea. Leave your rings at home for this one. You’ll be happy your bands are waiting for you when you get home rather than floating away at the sea.

DO wear earrings with secure clasps

Earrings are the bare minimum for many jewelry lovers. They help with shaping our faces so it’s hard for many of us to part with them. Earrings are okay to wear to the beach as long as you select an earring that closes tightly and securely. If you plan to just parade the boardwalk, big hoops and statement earrings are a go!

DO wear body chains

If you are one of the few ladies who stuck to their weight loss resolutions this year, you may be swimsuit ready enough to rock a body chain. There isn’t a more appropriate place to wear this chain than at the beach,so whip out the body chain sister.

handmade jewelryWritten by Elaine Helmig, Co-Founder of Jinja Jewelry

Elaine has traveled far from her beginnings in the aviation industry with a background in engineering.  Her eye for beauty and natural symmetry led her to partner with artist Australian Joy Daniels. The two of them have joined forces to build a Jinja Team with a creative flair for beautiful fashion jewelry. The results have been truly extraordinary as the handmade jewelry has found a following with an international clientele as diverse as the jewelry itself.  Jinja Jewelry is slowly becoming a fashion statement and is treasured for its simply beautiful coral and elegant silver designs.

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