5 Fashion Travel Tips for the Soul

Check out these 5 Fashion Travel Tips for the Soul. There’s nothing like the rush of discovering a new setting that may drive one to consider joining a Traveling Anonymous support group. Here at Jinja we know all about those soft spots for international adventure! To make matters even more relatable, we even know about those little tedious moments that come along with traveling. Luckily, Jinja has just the right tips to get you through those dull times while also staying fierce in your own style!

5 Fashion Travel Tips for the Soul

Tip #1 Be Comfortable: Whether it’s a train, boat, car, or flight, unless you have an executive business meeting 5 minutes after your transportation arrives, save the stressful outfits for a later time. A loose button up long-sleeve shirt with a short-sleeve underneath is the absolute best way to go. Not only does the outfit accomplish being comfortable without wearing your pajamas, it also saves you from different types of weather you may encounter.

Tip #2 Denim Does: Denim does match everything. Denim does make it look like you were not rushing to get packed, and denim does make it seem as if you had time to get ready. Do denim!

Tip #3 Essentials: If you’re like any of us here at Jinja, then you most likely already carry an over-sized bag around anyway. Well now is the time to go through the closet and whip out the motherlode of purses. You never know what a long trip may entail, so be Girl Scout ready for all those on-the-go scenarios. Don’t forget to store books, magazines, and whatever may keep you busy during your travel time!

Tip #4 Accessories: This may the most important fashion travel tip of all. The easiest way to be fashion trend savvy is with jewelry. Why not wear a piece that embodies the same essence of adventure and joy that you may be experiencing in your own journey? Jinja Jewelry can give you just that.  With our sterling silver rings and necklaces that promote elegance with the addition of mother-of-pearl, you can turn your outfit into a remarkable conversation starter for all the new faces you may meet!

Tip # 5 HAVE FUN: Above all, the Jinja Family wants you to have an unforgettable blast on your voyage! Be sure to take lots and lots of keepsake photos, and maybe even tag us in a few to enjoy along with you at www.instagram.com/jinjajewelry with the hashtag #adventureswithjinja!