Wear Your Luck this St. Patrick’s Day

The crazed search for shamrocks, good luck jewelry, and all-things-green is just around the corner.  The Jinja minds have been traveling deep into St. Patrick’s Day history to come up with the luckiest fashion trend of the season. Beginning as a religious feast to commemorate the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day has expanded to become an internationally-acclaimed holiday. Worldwide, the less-traditional green festivities come together to celebrate Irish culture and the hopes of St. Patrick's Day good luck jewelry malachitegaining a whole, whole lot of luck. Whether you’re covered in green from head-to-toe or embarking on a leprechaun hunt, the luck of the Irish has been sought after for years. Although not a customary St. Patrick’s Day symbol, the Jinja Family has a new holiday tactic to assist you on your pursuit of good fortune!

Malachite. Malachite. Malachite.  Not only is this gemstone considered a sanctuary for good luck, its ancient history ventures deep into beauty and protection. Just by the way the deep green pigments drift with the serene patterns of the lines, there is something rather significant about this little stone. Embodying the therapeutic essence of nature, malachite has been thought to aid in healing, protection, and self-transformation. Many believe the stone can even foretell negative events by breaking.

Throughout the ancient times, malachite was a major source for embellishment, make-up (when in powdered form), and jewelry. The gem was also incorporated in the building of architectural structures.  In some cultures, malachite was even used to protect children from negativity and evil spirits.

Last but easily one of our most favorite, the rich green stone is simply fabulous. We adore the gem’s elegance, and will certainly be sporting this good luck jewelry for the holiday season! Test your luck with Jinja, and enter to win our St. Patrick’s Day Jewelry Giveaway by sharing or liking this post on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or Instagram!