Master Upcoming Summer Trends with Handmade Sterling Silver

The most efficient way to get rid of the winter-time blues is to wrap them in handmade sterling silver, and wear them proudly!

As we all know, spring is just around the corner. The transition between chilly bonfires to warm rays of the beach sun doesn’t always invoke as much enthusiasm as we all wish. If we’re being honest with ourselves, who couldn’t fall victim to the lazy hot chocolate binges all winter long? Not to worry! The Jinja Family knows all about these dilemmas. Luckily, our blues come with a little more style, and a fashion savvy compliment to the approaching warm weather!

handmade sterling silver jinja jewelry

Just off the shoreline of Java, Indonesia, hundreds of tiny creatures branch together and cultivate vibrant, stone-like homes midst the sea floor. These ancient species secrete an outer skeleton made of limestone; in return, building what many refer to as the “rainforest of the sea”. Eventually, pieces of the coral reef break off, and begin to pile on the beaches over time. Nature’s majestic creativity inspires the hands of Jinja to re-purpose the scrap coral into uniquely designed pieces of jewelry. The coral is chiseled by hand, dyed, and coated in a resin base to form glossy coral beads that beautifully captivate the organic essence of their origin.  The coral beads are then integrated into sterling silver designs by skilled silversmiths.

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