It’s not too late to get out of the house for a couple weeks and spend some time relaxing with the family (or by yourself if that’s your thing). We’re big on vacations. We believe life is meant to be enjoyed. There’s too much to see in the world to spend all our time in one place.

As world travelers, here is some basic (but essential) advice on having great summer vacations.

1. Stay – Most people dismiss vacation homes because they think they cost too much, but this isn’t true at all. In fact, many vacation homes are not only cheaper per night for the space you get, but they can save you on restaurant costs as well.

2. Go somewhere exotic – Sure, Grandma’s house seems like a reasonable vacation, but is it going to build memories? Probably not. Splurge a bit and go somewhere with beautiful beaches, warm weather and someone else making your bed.

3. Don’t plan every day – If you pack every day with activity after activity, you’ll just exhaust yourself. Then you’ll return home needing a vacation from your vacation. Excursions and activities are great, but plan some free time in your schedule to do something spontaneous or nothing at all.

4. Do what you want – There’s no right or wrong way to enjoy a vacation. If you like stepping off the beaten path and exploring a new place, that’s awesome. If you like to pick a popular tourist spot and follow the crowd, that’s awesome too. Vacations are supposed to be enjoyable.

5. Book everything early – The last thing you want to do on your vacation is struggle to find a room or rent a car. These services can be arranged months, even years in advance. Square all the details away so you don’t

6. Dress up at least once – Sweatpants are comfortable, but most people enjoy putting on something nice and spending a night out on the town. On your vacation, you’ll want to put on some nice clothes and take your partner out.

7. Vacations aren’t the time for diets – Seriously, we spend most of the year watching what we eat: counting calories, skipping sugar, watching our cholesterol. I declare that whatever you eat on vacation doesn’t count!

8. Anticipation is part of the fun – There’s science behind what makes us happy, and one component is anticipation. A spur of the moment trip might be fun, but for maximum happiness, plan a trip for at least three weeks away. This gives you plenty of time to dream about it.