Our unique jewelry now showcased at Aunique Boutique

a unique boutique jinja

There’s nothing more exciting than introducing our newest member to the Jinja Family. Spot on with fashion, Aunique Boutique’s motto runs parallel with what Jinja Jewelry strives to offer to the world. Jinja’s unique jewelry statements blend perfectly in the boutique’s charming and original atmosphere. Of course, to every business, there will always be a story of adventure and discovery to follow.

a unique boutique jinjaIt all started on a northeastern island in the Caribbean. Saint Martin is a top destination for tourists from all corners of the earth, but to Laurie and G specifically, it is an avenue for friendship and joy. Just behind the harmonious rhythms of sun-kissed waves and vibrant drum tempos, one would likely find the couple lounging about.  Completely smitten by this Dutch and French influenced island, Laurie and G quickly became frequent beach goers. The two’s spark for adventure (and many, many trips to Saint Martin) soon led to treasured friendships formed with the locals. Their profound passion for travel and a beachy atmosphere was too consuming to contain. The Johnston’s have gracefully channeled their adoration for Caribbean culture and international discovery into a fashion venue known as Aunique Boutique. Due to Saint Martin’s French influence, glimpses of France can be seen in each designer piece Aunique Boutique offers. As their friendships over national borders continue to grow, the two are constantly finding opportunities to represent breath-taking artists from all over the world in their store. unique boutique jinjaAunique Boutique takes pride in the individuality of their clothing and accessories.  Jinja Jewelry is honored to be included in the business’s originality as they feature our unique jewelry pieces in their chic and fashion-savvy vibe. One thing is for sure, Aunique Boutique stays true to its name!

Please visit Laurie and combine fashionable French clothing with beautiful Balinese coral and silver jewelry.