handmade pearl jewelry jinja jewelry collection sterling silver 2017 Handmade Pearl Collection

It’s February, we get it. Trust me. After the numerous ‘I forgot to call’ and ‘I’ll pick my mess up later’ scenarios, we’re all attempting to show some significant being in our life that we’re not (at least- not completely) the terrible human they think we are. However, the truth lies in this:

One special, candy-filled day out of the year is not going to prove any type of long-term, wholesome apology or appreciation. Don’t be misled. Everyone can find enjoyment out of the typical free dinner and over-sized reservoir of chocolate. It is within consistency, patience, and the ability to expel compassion that an individual will find the tools to leave an impermeable impact on another— and of course, handmade pearl jewelry wrapped in only the finest Balinese sterling silver—right? As long as you can check all those necessities off the list, the Jinja Family can guarantee a successful Valentine’s Day and 2017.

We’ll even do you a favor.

Exhibiting for the entire months of February and March, we’ve designed a collection of mother of pearl features woven in sterling silver elegance and charm. Each piece of our handmade pearl jewelry has been carefully crafted by the hands of the most-talented silversmiths in Bali, Indonesia. These artisans—who we hold dear to our heart—have found stability and a livelihood through the fair trade business of Jinja Jewelry. Putting their soul and talent into each detail of these mother of pearl and mabe pearl statements, we are proud to claim this year’s top pearl designs in the jewelry industry.

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