red coral sterling silver ringAs we hope you all have been waiting for, our first ring of the week is here (and in need of some jewelry-loving attention)! What better way to kick off the celebration with a statement piece that showcases one of Jinja’s most-unique products? That’s right, hand-made coral jewelry. Our immense love for travel, the beach, and fashion has motivated us to seek out a one of a kind process to recycle coral into premier embellishment.

This red coral and sterling silver ring is proof of Jinja’s ability to incorporate the tropical essence of the beach into a modern, silver design. What began as hundreds of tiny creatures creating stone-like homes off the shores of Java, Indonesia, is now a wear-able and eco-friendly addition to your outfit. These ancient creatures we speak of are often referred to as the “rainforest of the sea”; or in other words, the culprit of those vibrant coral reefs we can all adore. Eventually, pieces of that coral reef tend to break off, and begin to pile on the jinja coral jewelrybeaches over time. Nature’s majestic creativity inspires the hands of Jinja to re-purpose the scrap coral into uniquely designed pieces of jewelry. The coral is chiseled by hand, dyed, and coated in a resin base to form glossy coral beads that beautifully captivate the organic essence of their origin.  The coral beads are then integrated into sterling silver designs by skilled silversmiths.

…and TA-DA! You are now left with one decision to ask yourself. “Am I worthy of such a unique piece of jewelry with
character?” The answer is yes. You can find the ring here!

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