During spring and summer travel you’ll want to bring some fashionable pieces of jewelry to wear on your vacation. The problem is learning how to pack your jewelry and take care of it while on your trip so that it does not get damaged. Keeping your jewelry safe and protected is simple if you follow a couple of our tips for caring for your jewelry during your warm weather travels.

1. Bring a travel jewelry case.

The best way to keep your jewelry protected while in your bag or suitcase is to keep it separate from the rest of your luggage in its own travel case. The SnapIn™ Travel Jewelry Case is the perfect personal accessory for organizing your jewelry. This darling small travel case has a snap-in jewelry pouch that features 6 clear zipper pockets to hold numerous necklaces, rings, earrings, and more. It’s small enough to fit in your purse and it won’t take up to much room in your carry on luggage.

travel-jewelry case

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2. Take off your jewelry at the beach.

Your jewelry may look great with the brand new swimsuit you bought but you’re much better off leaving it at home than wearing it to the beach. When you’re lying on your beach towel trying to soak up the sun and busy applying sunscreen, you might not realize that getting sunscreen on your jewels can make them look dull. You also want to avoid wearing your jewelry in the water because your metals can end up getting tarnished.

3. Use alcohol wipes.

Stop by a pharmacy and pick up some first aid alcohol wipe towelettes to help keep your jewelry clean while you travel. These are small enough to keep in your purse at all times and when your jewelry needs some polishing, take one out and wipe off your earrings, bracelet, ring, etc. The alcohol in the wipes will help remove any oils and dirt on the surface of your jewelry and it dries instantly.

4.  Keep it safe.

Instead of removing your jewelry at TSA checkpoints, take it off beforehand and store it in a small plastic bag in your carry on. This will prevent it from accidentally getting picked up by the wrong person. If you’re staying at a hotel, check to see if they have a safe deposit box that you can leave your jewelry in when heading to the beach or pool. You won’t want to leave it on a dresser in your hotel room or anywhere unattended where it may get picked up by the wrong person.

5. Select your jewelry carefully.

After picking out your travel outfits, think about which jewelry you want to bring with you and which pieces should stay at home. Bring jewelry that goes well with many different outfits and that won’t feel too heavy when out the whole day. If you have jewelry that leaves a green mark due to sweat, don’t bring it with you on your trip. Dainty and delicate jewelry is better off left at home where it won’t get lost or damaged. Your sentimental and very valuable jewelry should also stay at home. It’s easy for items to get misplaced or even stolen when you’re staying in a hotel room so you shouldn’t bring your

Don and Elaine Jinja JewelryWritten by Elaine Helmig, Co-Founder of Jinja Jewelry

Elaine has traveled far from her beginnings in the aviation industry with a background in engineering.  Her eye for beauty and natural symmetry led her to partner with artist Australian Joy Daniels. The two of them have joined forces to build a Jinja Team with a creative flair for beautiful fashion jewelry. The results have been truly extraordinary as the handmade jewelry has found a following with an international clientele as diverse as the jewelry itself.  Jinja Jewelry is slowly becoming a fashion statement and is treasured for its simply beautiful coral and elegant silver designs.

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