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Despite the billions of years in existence, the world has yet to do anything but astonish humanity with its creativity and natural wonders. If you’re a travel guru like most of us here at Jinja, your bucket-list is most likely over-running with adventure destinations awaiting to be explored. Whether your bags are all packed and ready, or you’re sitting on the couch wishing you had a flight  instead of adult responsibilities tomorrow, Jinja is here to add a few of our favorite masterpieces of nature to your list!

Pamukkale, Turkey 

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Before hot tubs were invented, the earth knew exactly what it was doing. The travertines of Pamukkale are mineral-rich bodies of water and calcium heated by underlining volcanic lava. Thanks to these natural spas, visitors from all corners of the earth come to experience an organic form of relaxation.


Kangaroo Island, Australia

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One of the largest Australian islands, Kangaroo Island, continues to serve as an undisturbed home for wildlife and native environments. This land is occupied by a diverse array of native fauna, some of which are the only population left of their kind. The Ligurian Bees thrive in this isolated location as the only remaining pure breed of their species. Side note: the picture above was taken by the founders of Jinja Jewelry themselves!


Mosquito Bay, Puerto Rico


On the shore of Puerto Rico, the island of Vieques, Mosquito Bay has captured curiosity in the minds of people all over the world. Although a bay of mosquitoes may not be your first adventure destination of choice, this island houses a secret work of nature that trumps even an entire continent of mosquitoes.  When night time falls, the waves crash against the beach with an uncanny, but delightful blue glow.  The phytoplankton in the sea emits this bright glow, or bioluminescence, turning the entire beach into a neon wave of lights!


Victorian Falls, Africa


Swimming downstream the world’s largest waterfall may seem like a death wish to many, but if you’re taking a trip to Victorian Falls then it could just be another picture worthy moment. In the heart of the African Zambezi River, Devil’s Pool hangs a few inches off the edge of a 354 ft. drop.  When the climate is dry, the water level reduces drastically, allowing visitors to swim on the brink of life itself.  The Devil’s Pool is ultimately where the souls of adrenaline junkies come out to play!


Hiller Lake, Australia


This rare lake inhabits the coast of Western Australia, brightening the beachy scenery with a bubble-gum like color.  It hasn’t been completely explained where this exquisite pastel pink stems from, but many scientists pinpoint this phenomenon to dye-producing bacteria who call the lake home.


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