Spring and summer travel is the time for families to get together and spend some quality time relaxing and having fun. This year, instead of sticking to the same vacation spots your family always visits like Disney or the Great Lakes, consider picking a more exotic locale for your family vacation getaway. Your family can have the adventure of a lifetime when you go for an all-in-one vacation package that encompasses all your needs and desires. Leave the work to the travel professionals, sit back and relax (until it’s time to start packing!). Down Under Endeavours is a luxury travel agency whose destination specialists create custom vacation packages tailored to your family’s interests and imagination. Below are four of the vacation packages they suggest for an incredible family vacation.

Family vacations should create forever lasting memories while being fun and even educational for the whole family. Instead of the long lines at Disney or a typical family cruise, embark on a journey that will leave an impression on your family forever. Enjoy the truly breathtaking views and scenery, magical beaches and waterfalls, local customs, delicious food, lots of adventure and more. Here at Down Under Endeavours we create a custom itinerary for your family for an unforgettable vacation that will go above and beyond your biggest expectations.

Destination #1: Australia

Australia offers a bit of everything, and a few things found nowhere else. Fascinating aboriginal culture, kangaroos, koalas and other unique wildlife, incredible and diverse landscapes, Australia is perfect for travelers who want to do more than one thing, or perhaps, want to do something different than their travel companions.

13 Day Ultimate Australia Family Vacation



Perfect for the young or the young-at-heart, this was a trip of a lifetime for a family from New Jersey who wanted to see the highlights of Australia in a family-friendly way. From cuddling with koalas to meeting with zookeepers to snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef to spotting glowworms in an ancient rainforest, the locations and activities in this itinerary kept them entertained at a relaxed pace. The best part of the trip was the overnight experience at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo, where they got a behind-the-scenes tour after the tourists all went home and they had a sumptuous roast feast!

Suggested Length: 13 Days

Kangaroo Island Family Vacation


This Kangaroo Island itinerary was designed for a family of four, who wanted to explore Australia’s wildlife and wilderness with their two children who are under the age of four. From touring the island to getting an introduction to island life to seeing kangaroos, wallabies, possums, goannas, echidnas, koalas, platypus and birds in their natural habitat to swimming with dolphins, this itinerary is truly the ultimate wildlife and wilderness experience.

Suggested Length: 5 Days

Destination #2: New Zealand

New Zealand is a miracle of geology– a verdant and varied continent compressed into two small islands. Epic landscapes intertwine. Glaciers slide through rainforest. Mountains trap the ocean into fjords and sounds. Vineyard rows lead down to the windswept beach. Jaw-dropping natural beauty, incredible outdoor activities, terrific fine wines no matter your pace, New Zealand is an adventure.

New Zealand Multigenerational Vacation

Unique Family Vacation Destinations That Will Wow You

We designed this adventurous New Zealand vacation for a multigenerational family. We sent this family of 14 to Australia five years ago, and now they want to discover New Zealand’s true beauty and adventure. From canyoning to black water rafting to quad biking to swimming with dolphins to taking a helicopter tour this trip is truly the ultimate adventure experience.

Suggested Length: 13 Days

Destination #3: South Africa

South Africa is a plunge into the authentic and unforgettable. Unique wildlife roaming free, amazing food and wine, and raw thrilling adventure are just some of the amazing things that make up this great country. Perfect for foodies, wildlife adventurers and culture seekers, Africa is an experience found only once-in-a-lifetime.

South Africa Family Package — Kids Stay Free!


This luxury family vacation was seven days of exploration, from the exciting culture of Capetown to the bush of the Southern Sabi Sand Reserve. They delved deep into the history of Cape Town and enjoyed a thrilling luxury safari in the Southern Sabi Sand Reserve, while viewing the country’s famous big game animals. This South African family vacation was exciting and educational for all.

Suggested Length: 8 Days

Destination #4: Fiji:

Fiji is tiny, friendly, beautiful, amazing. It’s just a cluster of reef islands in the deep blue Pacific. Thin roads wind through lush rainforest, past waterfalls and gentle beaches to small seaside resorts. Lush and lonely beaches, rainforest and private island resorts, awesome diving and water sports, super-friendly locals, Fiji is perfect for families of all budgets seeking a fun getaway in the tropics.

Ultimate Fiji Beach & Adventure Vacation



One of our staff’s favorite Fiji beach vacations is at Castaway Island Resort in Fiji. So we put together this itinerary for our customers. The island’s 174 acres are covered with lush tropical vegetation, surrounded by perfect white sand beaches and encircled by vibrant coral reefs. Enjoy your Fiji beach vacation by taking in the beauty of the island, which is only matched by the warmth and genuine hospitality of the staff, which encourages guests to discover the Fijian way of life. Complete your Fiji beach vacation with Island hopping cruises, diving and adventure.

Suggested length: 8 Days

Corinne GoodmanGuest Blog Written By Corinne Goodman, Down Under Endeavours

Corinne Goodman started Down Under Endeavours 16 years ago. She came over to the US working for Tourism Australia before branching out to start her own company. Corinne traveled to Chicago for Tourism Australia (barely graduated from University) and decided she loved the city too much and didn’t want to leave. Now with Down Under Endeavours she creates custom travel packages and takes a fresh, young approach and outlook on travel to share with others looking for their next adventure.

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