Wo·man /ˈwo͝omən/: A fierce and powerful being that gracefully embodies the notion of beauty.


Here at Jinja we strive to add to that same empowerment that a woman naturally possesses. We believe all women, regardless of cultural, social, or economic differences, hold the right to stay fierce in their own mind, body, and soul.  Of course—where boldness is called upon, so are we. Our striking blue, red, and green coral colors reflect the radiating spirit of the women of Jinja. These women call all different corners of the globe home, and are undeniably the spirit of our business. Without the minds of these special few, the world would be a few pieces short of jewelry.

Before we bid adieu, allow us to introduce.


Elaine Helmig, the founder and heart of Jinja, is constantly reminding us all of the true inspiration behind our mission. “People Helping People.” With her passion for service and constant display of love, Elaine teaches us all how to be a remarkable leader, friend, role-model, and of course, expert in all things jewelry. Elaine’s inevitable awe towards adventure, culture, and diversity has expanded the boundaries of Jinja Jewelry further than any of us anticipated.


Premier seller of Jinja Jewelry and raging fashionista, there is no doubt that Sandy Chapman functions with a little Jinja morale. Her strong advocacy for the Humane Society and step towards the frontlines of fashion inspires small businesses to pursue their ambition. Experience Jinja and whole, whole lot of trend-savvy essentials at Sandy’s boutique, Elegantz, found on 315 Main St, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582.



Deris, a close friend of Jinja, can be seen above as she gracefully sports one of our new, elegant necklace designs for this season! The contemporary pattern of the silverwork is complimented with the addition of red coral to cultivate a poised yet charming look. Deris effortlessly nailed the piece by incorporating matching rings, earrings, and a bracelet. Despite rocking the Jinja style completely, Deris has a little more exciting news to share. The Jinja Family recently spent a month in Bali to celebrate family, friendship, and the proclamation of love between Deris and one of Jinja’s silversmiths, Octa. To learn more about the wedding and our Bali adventure, visit and like us on Facebook.


Joy Daniels is the soul behind Jinja Jewelry, and a lifelong friend of the Helmigs. Australian born Joy met Don and Elaine in Bali where the three became members of a large and extended family – the Jinja Jewelry family. In her spare time Joy enjoys designing unique pieces of Jinja jewelry as well as mentoring her friends – the Balinese Jinja Team – in creating new jewelry designs.


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