1. Bali facts that’ll give you the vacation trembles.

Home to a little over 4 million, Bali, Indonesia has charmed the hearts of tourists and natives alike! The Indonesian island is embellished with volcanos, beaches, coral reefs, flourishing greenery, and a whole lot of culture. It’s not an over-statement to say that you’ll absolutely swoon over these Bali facts.


Bali temple picture


  1. Bali didn’t receive its nickname, “The Land of the Gods”, due to coincidence. Temples have claimed a large portion of the land, including Tanah Lot Temple and Taman Ayun.  These ancient structures are the core of religion and spirituality for the Balinese people. Immersed in the exotic nature of Bali, the temples are visually stunning as they rest amidst some of the most captivating scenery on the island.



2. We all love a warm, caffeinated cup of coffee early in the morning to balance out our need to get back in bed. As they say, “But first…coffee.”  This routine is present all around the world. However, Bali has something a little special to offer on the topic, and perhaps with a furry third-party involved also. Kope Luwak, one of the most-expensive and rarest coffee types around the world, can be found here. This coffee is, well, an interesting process. The cat-like creature, Asian Palm Civet, is known for its selective diet that includes eating only the ripest coffee cherries. Here is where it gets a little crazy: Ironically, the palm civet can’t properly digest the coffee beans within the cherries. As the beans move through the animal’s system, a unique fermentation occurs, leaving the beloved Kopi Luwak flavor to be harvested from the creature’s droppings.

Bali picture volcano


3. A major source for other countries, every spice that could come to mind is flourishing right in the backyards of those living on the island.  The finest herbs and spices has made a home out of the thriving greenery in Bali. Tourists from all corners of the globe visit the “Island of the Gods” for the many, many spices worthy of the gods.


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