3 Best Summer Colors for the Fashion-Savvy Soul

Figuring out the best summer colors that compliment your style can often be a tedious task. Luckily, we have an idea or two to boost your inner fashion genius.  As the cold weather begins to warm, our outside adventures get longer and our long sleeves get shorter. The approaching spring and summer seasons inevitably spark an innovative movement in us all. The absolute best way to express this winter-long-repressed excitement is to throw a splash of color into your everyday look!

Blue Coralblue coral sterling silver necklace Jinja Jewerly

When the hot, sticky sun and outside shenanigans begin to mix, some sort of water source is likely to follow soon after. Whether it is diving into a pool to escape the heat rays or chasing the ocean’s waves, all shades of blue have claimed their spot during our summer months. Even more excitingly, Jinja Jewelry has found a way to encompass these beachy vibes with our hand-crafted blue coral necklace!

Jinja Twist Bracelet - White Coral Yellow BeadsYellow

You will not find another color with a more uplifting feel than the color yellow.  Present in the metaphors of upbeat songs and the childlike happiness of a frozen banana popsicle on a humid day, yellow is thought to represent increased energy and well, fun! Throughout many cultures and symbols, yellow has signified hope, positivity, and joy. Appreciating the color doesn’t do enough justice alone. The Jinja Family has incorporated yellow into an elegant twist bracelet that also features white coral. The bracelet is structured with sterling silver that has been hand-crafted from skilled silversmiths. For more information on how we form beached coral into beads, check out last month’s blog on summer trends!

Green- MalachiteMalachite sterling silver design ring Jinja Jewelry

Embodying the spirt of nature as it breathes back to life, malachite is the ultimate glam stone of the spring season. Throughout the decades, the rich green pigments of this gem have been thought to possess luck, self-transformation, and protection to the one sporting it. In other words, malachite doesn’t just add a dazzling touch to your outfit, the stone also has one or two ancient tricks up its sleeve. If you think malachite green may be your color for the season, check out more about the stone on last week’s blog!

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