Starting the Year with People Helping People

Four countries, three continents, thousands of miles apart and yet love still conquers.  Jinja Jewelry’s motto of People Helping People has assisted with improving the lives of children in Bali and in Africa.  We have not done it alone.  Allocacoc, a Dutch industrial design company, teamed with Jinja Jewelry and The Ginantri Foundation to run a special European promotion while donating a portion of sales proceeds to the children of Bali.  The successful PowerCube promotion ran from November 2017 through the end of January 2018.  We will forever be grateful to Allocacoc for their generous commitment to worthy charities supporting Komang Merry’s efforts to better the lives of Balinese children.  Please visit as well as Yayasan Ginantri on Facebook to learn more.

Meanwhile, Jinja Jewelry is proud to also be a sustaining member of Heather Teague’s mission to bring medical care, education, and God’s Word to the children, widows, and the eldery of Uganda.  You can read about her dedicated and noble efforts at as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

There are many worthwhile efforts led by numerous unsung heroes who see wrongs and try to right them.  When dedicated people selflessly give of themselves to advance a child’s life they invest in the Future of Humanity.  It is times like this that good overcomes evil by reaffirming how people from all walks of life without regard for race, religion, or politics can make a difference one child at a time.

One Child One Future.

Breaking News – Allocacoc Extends Ginantri Foundation Support


Allocacoc is Extending the

Limited Edition PowerCube


This is a wonderful product for all frequent travelers to carry.  Small, lightweight, and reliable, the Limited Edition PowerCube provides maximum flexibility to power all of your electronic devices.  Because Allocacoc is a socially responsible company, proceeds from each purchase are donated to the Ginantri Foundation helping Balinese children to a better life.  You can learn about the Foundation at and on FaceBook at Yayasan Ginantri. 

So, don’t delay!  Purchase your PowerCube today and illuminate a child’s life!

Empowering Children Through Education: Allocacoc and Ginantri Foundation Partnership

Empowering Children Through Education
Allocacoc and Ginantri Foundation Joint Press Release

Delft, The Netherlands
20 November 2017

Unemployment rate in Indonesia is around 12 percent for young adults below the age of 30. The reasons for unemployment are mainly due to the fact that children in Indonesia have limited access to education, low family income that obliged them to start hard labour at a very young age, and parental abuse.

Guardians of Petak Village, Bali

Founded in 2007, Ginantri Foundation cares for children between the ages of 6 and 20 by providing them a safe haven complete with education. They seek out children with special needs throughout Bali and lend them a helping hand. For the young adults, vocational training and skill-building equip each child with the necessary tools and connections to pursue their place in society.

“Many in the villages without adequate education go jobless and we really work hard to help them reach employability,” said Ms Komang Merry, founder of Ginantri Foundation.

I Komang Eka Darma, now 25, graduated from Ginantri Foundation and high school in 2011. He continued to be sponsored by Ginantri Foundation to focus on Graphic Design in an arts school in Denpasar. Now, he is a freelance designer of t-shirts, websites, and logos for different businesses.

Allocacoc launches limited edition PowerCube in support of Ginantri Foundation

Allocacoc has partnered with Ginantri Foundation so children from Bali, Indonesia, can receive education that meet present day standards and increase their employment opportunities.

Allocacoc’s commitment to social responsibility stems from the belief that every child has the right to a healthy, secure childhood, and access to quality education. As part of this commitment, Allocacoc has launched a limited edition PowerCube whose design our supporters have voted for.

powercube ginantri foundation limited edition allocacoc powercube ginantri foundation limited edition

By purchasing one limited edition PowerCube (€27.95), you will help fund one child’s monthly school fees. By purchasing five of these limited edition PowerCubes, you will help feed 15 children for one month.

Your support to this initiative will help ensure children in this village have access to schools and finish their schooling leading to a secure and productive future.  Please note that this promotion is intended for the European market, however, a U.S. Allocacoc website is still available at The Ginantri donation will only be valid through the link below. 

Yes I want to support!

About the Company

Allocacoc stands for a different standard. Since our establishment in 2010, the industrial design company has focused on redefining our everyday products with an innovative twist. One of our top-selling products is the PowerCube: an award-winning product in multiple categories, amongst which the coveted Red Dot Award for Industrial Design. Currently, Allocacoc operates in three offices worldwide and distributes to more than 80 countries. We are also helping other designers develop their ideas into products to be sold in the market through our crowdfunding platform called DesignNest. This is a one-of-a-kind crowdfunding platform that provides design knowledge, sourcing, production, and assembly together with distribution and sales.
For media enquires, please contact:

Bi-Fen Lee
Marketing Communications Coordinator
+31 (0) 15 889 8333

The Jinja Motto: “People Helping People”

Jinja Jewelry is much like the mythical Phoenix which rose from the ashes. Jinja came into being in the aftermath of the disastrous and tragic bombings in Bali in 2002. Jinja, then and now, provides income for the Balinese people who lost their jobs due to the sharp decline in tourism. What started out locally has now grown into an international business that  spans the globe. We are proud to announce that Jinja products now support many families, providing a safe and secure future in Bali.

Jinja’s motto is “People Helping People”, and in living up to this principle, we have proudly provided financial and educational support for young Putu. Our mission is all about continuing our efforts to help improve the lives of the Balinese people. We, at Jinja Jewelry, although not a nonprofit entity, find meaning in providing aid and comfort to a crying child. When a child cries the whole Earth should hear that cry. There is reward in giving. Here, at Jinja Jewelry, we find our reward in the beauty of a child’s smile as it reaffirms our own humanity. For, in the end, why else are we here?




Since Jinja’s motto is “People Helping People,” we were one of the many proud sponsors of the Siyakhula Preschool in KwaMakhutha Township, Durban, South Af­rica. As of this date there are 58 children who enjoy having a real school to attend.  Our efforts included providing funds to not only build the school but also furniture and classroom supplies.






Jinja Jewelry also supports a courageous young woman, Heather Teague, who has felt the “Call to Serve” in Uganda working with orphans.Her website is  Please visit her website to learn who she is and why she does such wonderful work providing aid, comfort, and love to children in need.  Please also visit, like and share His Heart For Africa on Facebook.



Currently, Jinja Jewelry is also supporting a new “Call to Action” in support of a children’s school in Petak, Bali, Indonesia.  Our efforts to date include cash donations and building a website and social media presence to promote awareness.  The website is and is now online.  Much is still needed to finish the construction and equip the school to make it truly functional.  Started seven years ago, it has survived to date based in large measure on the inspirational efforts of Ni Nyoman Mariati and a small group of dedicated volunteers.  Please also visit, like and share Ginantri Yayasan on Facebook.



3 Reasons Jinja Twist Bracelets are THE Hottest Trend

2017 Hottest Fashion Trend: Jinja Twist Bracelets


# 1:  If it is not turning you into an accessory goddess, then it is simply not worth it. Rule #1 is the golden foundation when judging each and every fashion statement on the market. Jinja Jewelry’s twist bracelets dominate the beauty world with vibrant color schemes and elegant, trendy designs. These stainless steel pieces of jewelry feature a premier array of hues and tones, including turquoise, fossil agate, deep burgundy, and many more. Each and every bracelet is handcrafted with a carefully chosen arrangement of color and style. If one thing is certain, the opportunity to match any adoring outfit with this unique Jinja design is a rare gem amidst the embellishment industry.


#2:  Efficiency.  As we all know, most of us are fortunate to possess a usual occupancy of two wrists. However, many manufacturers of such jewelry forget that those certain joints do, in fact, come in a variety of sizes. We’ve all experienced that one bracelet that was too painful to ignore, but also too big or too small. Here’s the thing: there is absolutely no need to worry/think/measure, because the Jinja Team has released a vogue-worthy bracelet that fits to any size it is placed upon!  Need I say more? Well, actually, I must. Not only are Jinja Jewelry’s twist bracelets ideal for all wrist sizes, a wrist alone is even unnecessary! Who would have guessed? This fashion piece can be wrapped around upper arms, forearms, and where most creativity strikes.  With all things said, by the sheer amount of accessibility at a cost that is both consumer friendly and beaming with style, these twist bracelets are inevitably the hottest trend on the market.


#3: Originality.  To create is one thing. However, to create out of the notion of one’s soul creative freedom and innovation is another. Here at Jinja we prize the mind of enterprising visionaries and originalists. Through our passion for jewelry and coastal lifestyle, we have introduced a one-of-a-kind spin on modern-day accessories. Handpicked from the coasts of Java, Indonesia, broken off pieces of coral are recycled, polished, and painted to later form premier statements of fashion. Our unique coral process can be found in every corner of Jinja Jewelry, and is exemplified beautifully in our twist bracelet collection.

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