Jinja’s Store Spotlight: Aunique Boutique

Our unique jewelry now showcased at Aunique Boutique

a unique boutique jinja

There’s nothing more exciting than introducing our newest member to the Jinja Family. Spot on with fashion, Aunique Boutique’s motto runs parallel with what Jinja Jewelry strives to offer to the world. Jinja’s unique jewelry statements blend perfectly in the boutique’s charming and original atmosphere. Of course, to every business, there will always be a story of adventure and discovery to follow.

a unique boutique jinjaIt all started on a northeastern island in the Caribbean. Saint Martin is a top destination for tourists from all corners of the earth, but to Laurie and G specifically, it is an avenue for friendship and joy. Just behind the harmonious rhythms of sun-kissed waves and vibrant drum tempos, one would likely find the couple lounging about.  Completely smitten by this Dutch and French influenced island, Laurie and G quickly became frequent beach goers. The two’s spark for adventure (and many, many trips to Saint Martin) soon led to treasured friendships formed with the locals. Their profound passion for travel and a beachy atmosphere was too consuming to contain. The Johnston’s have gracefully channeled their adoration for Caribbean culture and international discovery into a fashion venue known as Aunique Boutique. Due to Saint Martin’s French influence, glimpses of France can be seen in each designer piece Aunique Boutique offers. As their friendships over national borders continue to grow, the two are constantly finding opportunities to represent breath-taking artists from all over the world in their store. unique boutique jinjaAunique Boutique takes pride in the individuality of their clothing and accessories.  Jinja Jewelry is honored to be included in the business’s originality as they feature our unique jewelry pieces in their chic and fashion-savvy vibe. One thing is for sure, Aunique Boutique stays true to its name!

Please visit Laurie and combine fashionable French clothing with beautiful Balinese coral and silver jewelry.

Ringing in the Summer

ring in the season with ringsWe are very literally ringing in these last summer days.

I’m sure you can guess what with. However, if you’re not picking up on our cheesy pun (It’s ok, just go with it), then allow me to be slightly blunter. There will be lots and lots of rings involved. If you listen closely, you can already hear the sterling silver ringing. Okay okay, enough with the corny jokes. Promise.

On a more serious note, Jinja Jewelry is proud to get a little ring-crazy. Over the next few weeks we will be showcasing our favorite ring designs with the chance of a discount code here and there. It’s okay to be honest, we know you’re mainly here for the code.  Our premier jewelry line handcrafts Balinese and Western flares into intricate, sterling silver rings that don’t disappoint. Not only are we confident in the quality of our jewelry, but we delight in sharing a keepsake of the values and memories we hold close.

The Jinja Family’s love for international travel has resulted in new friends and family throughout the years. Our hearts quickly found a home amongst the Balinese people. Ever since first being surrounded by Bali’s vibrant greenery, we were immediately smitten with the rich culture and artisanship of the country. Thanks to friendships, family, and some of the most-talented silversmiths in Bali, we have transformed that appreciation into a love-based jewelry expedition. We strive to introduce more and more fashionistas to the mystic inspirations of Bali that can be found in each of our pieces. Just with one ring, we’ve made it possible to experience both the wonders of Bali and the joys of the Western world. That’s without the very long plane ride required, I must add.

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Women of Jinja Jewelry

Wo·man /ˈwo͝omən/: A fierce and powerful being that gracefully embodies the notion of beauty.


Here at Jinja we strive to add to that same empowerment that a woman naturally possesses. We believe all women, regardless of cultural, social, or economic differences, hold the right to stay fierce in their own mind, body, and soul.  Of course—where boldness is called upon, so are we. Our striking blue, red, and green coral colors reflect the radiating spirit of the women of Jinja. These women call all different corners of the globe home, and are undeniably the spirit of our business. Without the minds of these special few, the world would be a few pieces short of jewelry.

Before we bid adieu, allow us to introduce.


Elaine Helmig, the founder and heart of Jinja, is constantly reminding us all of the true inspiration behind our mission. “People Helping People.” With her passion for service and constant display of love, Elaine teaches us all how to be a remarkable leader, friend, role-model, and of course, expert in all things jewelry. Elaine’s inevitable awe towards adventure, culture, and diversity has expanded the boundaries of Jinja Jewelry further than any of us anticipated.


Premier seller of Jinja Jewelry and raging fashionista, there is no doubt that Sandy Chapman functions with a little Jinja morale. Her strong advocacy for the Humane Society and step towards the frontlines of fashion inspires small businesses to pursue their ambition. Experience Jinja and whole, whole lot of trend-savvy essentials at Sandy’s boutique, Elegantz, found on 315 Main St, North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582.



Deris, a close friend of Jinja, can be seen above as she gracefully sports one of our new, elegant necklace designs for this season! The contemporary pattern of the silverwork is complimented with the addition of red coral to cultivate a poised yet charming look. Deris effortlessly nailed the piece by incorporating matching rings, earrings, and a bracelet. Despite rocking the Jinja style completely, Deris has a little more exciting news to share. The Jinja Family recently spent a month in Bali to celebrate family, friendship, and the proclamation of love between Deris and one of Jinja’s silversmiths, Octa. To learn more about the wedding and our Bali adventure, visit and like us on Facebook.


Joy Daniels is the soul behind Jinja Jewelry, and a lifelong friend of the Helmigs. Australian born Joy met Don and Elaine in Bali where the three became members of a large and extended family – the Jinja Jewelry family. In her spare time Joy enjoys designing unique pieces of Jinja jewelry as well as mentoring her friends – the Balinese Jinja Team – in creating new jewelry designs.


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3 Bali Facts to Pack Your Bags for You

  1. Bali facts that’ll give you the vacation trembles.

Home to a little over 4 million, Bali, Indonesia has charmed the hearts of tourists and natives alike! The Indonesian island is embellished with volcanos, beaches, coral reefs, flourishing greenery, and a whole lot of culture. It’s not an over-statement to say that you’ll absolutely swoon over these Bali facts.


Bali temple picture


  1. Bali didn’t receive its nickname, “The Land of the Gods”, due to coincidence. Temples have claimed a large portion of the land, including Tanah Lot Temple and Taman Ayun.  These ancient structures are the core of religion and spirituality for the Balinese people. Immersed in the exotic nature of Bali, the temples are visually stunning as they rest amidst some of the most captivating scenery on the island.



2. We all love a warm, caffeinated cup of coffee early in the morning to balance out our need to get back in bed. As they say, “But first…coffee.”  This routine is present all around the world. However, Bali has something a little special to offer on the topic, and perhaps with a furry third-party involved also. Kope Luwak, one of the most-expensive and rarest coffee types around the world, can be found here. This coffee is, well, an interesting process. The cat-like creature, Asian Palm Civet, is known for its selective diet that includes eating only the ripest coffee cherries. Here is where it gets a little crazy: Ironically, the palm civet can’t properly digest the coffee beans within the cherries. As the beans move through the animal’s system, a unique fermentation occurs, leaving the beloved Kopi Luwak flavor to be harvested from the creature’s droppings.

Bali picture volcano


3. A major source for other countries, every spice that could come to mind is flourishing right in the backyards of those living on the island.  The finest herbs and spices has made a home out of the thriving greenery in Bali. Tourists from all corners of the globe visit the “Island of the Gods” for the many, many spices worthy of the gods.


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Summer Trends with a Jinja Twist

Summer trends are alive and well.

The readiness of summer is one that none of us can deny. Even more steadily, summer trends are on the move. Suddenly, the layers and layers of fleece jackets peel away as the sun introduces itself yet again. Our winter time blues are put in the spotlight as the season begins to awake. The liveliness and outdoor adventures of the hot months is what we adore, but occasionally we all need a little boost to get rolling. But wait—not to worry! Jinja is here. Whether the arrival of the new season has slapped you in the face or you’re girl-scout ready, there are certainly some must-haves for your jewelry box this summer!
blue coral pendant summer trends jinja


Wrapped in intricate sterling silver with a fun swirl design, this pendant nearly speaks for itself. The piece features shaped coral that has been gathered off the shores of Java, Indonesia. The coral is then manipulated and polished to form a charming pattern while also continuing to stay true to its beachy nature. In other words, this pendant is a direct reflection of the place we would all rather be: the beach. Find the pendant here.


turquoise bracelet summer trends The turquoise takeover. As the summer trends begin to settle in, every fashionista in a 50-mile radius will undoubtedly admit to the power of turquoise. Its bright, but soft hues are perfect for adding a spark of vibrancy to any outfit. From white to yellow, brown to pastels, this color is one that does not harvest disappointment. Of course, Jinja is raving over it just as much. Trust me, we don’t hold back. The Jinja Team has incorporated turquoise in one of our best-seller, stainless-steel twist bracelets. Perfect for summer-time shenanigans, the twist bracelet is nearly invincible as its fluid design leaves tons of room for play and movement. The bracelet is a one-size-fit-all that can be worn in any way that creativity strikes. Find the bracelet here.

red coral necklace jinja


Many associate red with fall and Christmas celebrations. However, we are all about testing the boundaries of fashion by being fierce in color. The added white beads open an entire new side to the dark stereotype behind the use of red. This necklace can be worn with grace as an accessory that brightens the style of any outfit.  Find the necklace here.


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